Back StraighteningBeing told that you have a curved spine can be frightening and can make you wonder about what level of back straightening you can do at home without surgery or a lot of medical treatments. While there are certainly a number of very serious conditions that can leave you with no other option but surgical intervention, for more mild spinal curves, there are other ways to deal with the problem.

Some people might be able to deal with their spinal issues with some adjustments to their diet, their posture and their exercise habits. They might even benefit from a new mattress, which might be considered a large investment to some, but is still far cheaper than surgery. The first thing that you need to do before working on any type of solution is to have a full medical evaluation and, if necessary, a second opinion.

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Once you are given the go ahead by your doctor, you can start to learn some really good strengthening and straightening exercises that are meant to help you get your back into proper shape. For some people, the cause of their issues, including spinal curvature, is poor posture. Once you learn how to stand and sit correctly, you might notice far less pain and will look taller and fitter. Second, you will start to do more intensive stretches and exercises that will not only help you with your back but tone your tummy as well. When people think of their abs, they only think of their flat stomach and the washboard appearance that they want to achieve. What they do not realize is that strong, firm abs are an important part of back health as well. Think of your core not only as your muscles in the abdominal area but those that run to the back and along the sides as well. A strong core equals a strong, straight back.

Yoga, Pilates and the hybrid exercises are also good for working the muscles of the spine. With yoga, the ability to bend and melt the body allows you to increase your flexibility while in Pilates, you focus on the posture and your stance. A workout that combines the two can really help to keep you in good shape from the start and it is never too late to get started on these exercises.

A chiropractor can also help with the back straightening. Before starting with a chiropractor it might be necessary to consider the expense and how frequently you will be asked return for proper treatment. It is also wise to make sure in advance that you do not have a condition that could be made worse by going to a chiropractor for any type of correction or adjustments.

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